De Stijl Studio / Unframed Prints Online

De Stijl Studio / Unframed Prints Online

We custom design our unique, unframed prints in-house & you can choose to purchase one of our prints and frame via online framing sites (at a much more attractive price). It's one thing to have a great print and another to match it with a good quality frame based on personal tastes. This is one reason we provide the option for customers to choose one of our prints online, have it delivered and framed locally. It enables the print and locally selected frame to suite customers specific rooms, workspaces and individuals preferences / tastes. We offer high quality work with affordable prices.

Customer can purchase A1/A2 and custom sized square frames online from a variety of online framing stores easily. Usually black, white and various natural timber options are readily available.

All of our unframed designs are printed on good quality 200 GSM paper with a matte or gloss finish. GSM is a good measure of a papers quality. We design our selections with the aim of breaking from more traditional print designs found online. We create work which is contemporary. We try to push ourselves to create great design work with sometimes highly detailed design. Our soon-to-be released print designs along with our current 2018 work will include themes based on gestalt and geometric principles which are distinct and different from some of the more generic print based sites found online.

Our prints are varied (in design) and we are working to accommodate a wide range of tastes and interests. Watch this space for updates to our collection. We have both international and national shipping options as well as PayPal, Apple Pay and the usual secure payment methods. 

The A1 size is surprisingly quite large when placed on the wall so we offer an A2 size at a reduced price. We also have square cut prints which come in a large or small size. The large square print size is 594 X 594 mm (quite large) and our small square cut size is 420 x 420 mm. A good thing to do is to measure the wall space and our prints sizes to make sure our prints fit perfectly. Believe me, our A1 and large square cut prints are quite large when placed within mats and frames :)

While prints for commercial businesses can be printed on much lower grade GSM paper and limited edition prints can sometimes be much higher, closer to 300 GSM we decided on a 200 GSM paper as a good balance between quality and affordability. It's not uncommon for commercial prints to be printed on 150 GSM or lower GSM paper types. Having a large mat and frame can significantly increase the size of the print and take up much more space on the wall :)

Our prints are made-to-order. We ship our prints securely within mailing tubes both nationally and internationally.

We hope to provide great design work, chic designs and ultimately have people's environments in an ever-appealing state.

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