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RX8  (Square Cut) is the first of our holographic styled prints similarly (to our other prints) geometric in design. RX8 is designed to be framed and comes unframed. It's created with a slightly fluorescent aqua colour and uses circles with back fills along with two neon aqua fills. It has a solid black background and geo wire type design. The pattern is designed with essentially one major square pattern using multiple lines that scale in size and step outwards. The squares are more widely dispersed than the second inner pattern. The second pattern is similar however not stepped outwards, aligned along the same axis and the lines (strokes) are spaced closer together. The single pattern (as described above) is duplicated once and both are balanced by being placed at opposing ends of the square format print. The two parts were then duplicated and reduced in size and rotated to be close to the vertical axis, however not perfectly vertical. The centered form of four is similar however all designed square patterns are aligned and offset from the prints major patterns and are much smaller in size. RX8 is versatile as it can be hung any way and is a high contrast detailed print. RX8 makes a perfect point of focus to a contemporary architectural space or modern room.

Our large square cut size is 594 x 594 mm. 

Our small square cut size is 420 x 420 mm. 

Printed on quality paper with a matte or gloss finish.

This print is made to order, please allow 3-7 days for printing/processing. Choose your preferred shipping method from our delivery options at checkout.

Type: Square Cut Print