Ben Graham / About

Designer and new media artist Ben Graham has always loved art. His contemporary artistic style is a fusion of geometric design, symmetry, uniformity and balance. Ben, in his younger years painted & was greatly influenced by his grandfather who was both an artist and engineer.

Born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Ben has a great love of the Australian landscape and spent much time bushwalking, photographing & travelling in beautiful locations around Australia. He has travelled widely to more remote parts of Tasmania, Western Australia, as well as Victoria and New South Wales, which has inspired and influenced his work.

Since graduating from Queensland University of Technology, Ben has continued to practice and hone his skills in vector art, coding (web development), and visual design. His interest in design, design history, gestalt and the Bauhaus has influenced his work & led to highly detailed compositions. He weaves aspects of his fascination with the cultural history of geometry and geometric design (motifs, mosaics, art, architecture and sculpture) into modern artwork with visual references to abstraction and minimalism.